Here you can see some examples of our work


Chlamydosaurus anguineus (5).png
Orectolobus wardi skeleton (2)-2.png
Orectolobus wardi (6).png
Prionace glauca (2).png

Bony vertebrates

B.arietans2 (3).png
Heloderma suspectum (5).png
Coryphaena hippurus (4).png
Bitis gabonica skull (3).png

Clearing and staining

Fossil specimens (still under construction)

Fossil rhinoceros skull we restored for a university collection. The fossil specimens we are currently preparing are new species which will be described and published in scientific articles. As such, we cannot show pictures until the material is published.

Pedagogic material (still under construction)

Resin casts of a chimpanzee pelvis (Pan troglodytes)