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Sebastien Enault

Sebastien has a PhD in evolutionary biology, and his research focused on the evolution and the embryonic development of the chondrichthyan skeletal system.


Besides his academic training, Sebastien has been working on various anatomical preparations for over twelve years, with a strong emphasis on osteological material. Over the years he has worked on representatives of every vertebrate groups, and he is well experienced in a variety of preparation methods. He is especially interested in "fish" in general for their diversity and for the challenges they offer (high skeletal complexity or preparation and preservation issues).

Camille Auclair

Camille has a MSc in vertebrate paleontology and her academic work mostly dealt with various groups of mammals. She also has a strong fieldwork experience, having spent several years at the Angeac-Charente locality, where she helped excavate and prepare some of the largest dinosorian remains found in France in recent years.


After completing her academic degree, she spent a year training at the laboratory of vertebrate paleontology at the University of Montpellier, in France. There she perfected her skills in a number of laboratory techniques such as molding and casting, collection curation, fossil preparation and consolidation of specimens for scientific study and/or display.

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